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Our Story

Drew and Jeni made the sea change to Bremer Bay in 2009 with their two young boys.  They left the city and their back grounds in small business and the entertainment industry.  
They opened Bremer Bay Bed & Breakfast and continued to grow the business over the following three years with attention to detail and their own personal touch.  

A change of direction saw Drew and Jeni looking for a new base for their business.  They decided to build their own premises. The current magnificent location was chosen for its tremendous views of the ocean and the build began in mid 2012.  

They took a risk and took on the building work themselves.  After six months of blood, sweat and tears the houses were complete, this time offering a stand alone boutique guest house to accommodate 3 separate couples each with their own ensuite and a communal lounge.

The guest house is perched up high on the hill from Short Beach offering panoramic views of the ocean, Short Beach, Bremer Bay and Doubtful's Peninsula. 

"We are very proud of our lovely B&B and are humbled to  have received outstanding reviews from our many guests over the years"



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